Fiction Writing Coach

Char from @the.plottery

"I now have 10 fully paying clients and I'm at 70K followers. But I'm at a point where I genuinely cannot follow how much I grow in a day. And I sold 100 tickets to my masterclass in just 2 weeks, using the IBA strategies!"

Religion Recovery Coach

Rachael Lund from @happywholeway

"I feel like I got a degree in marketing just by taking this course! I can't imagine a world where you would follow the steps and not have your initial investment recouped almost immediately."

Brand & Business Mentor

Theresa Zemann from @milas.touch

"Now I'm rocking my sales calls! In the first month after joining IBA, I made 4K!"

Google Ads Expert

Catie Daus from @catiedaus

"IBA really set the foundations for market research and helped me connect to my ideal audience. Within a week of finishing IBA, I signed 3 new clients!"

Jewellery Business Coach

Megan Collins from

“I always thought that having a big account on Instagram is what you needed before you can begin making sales. But that’s not true at all, I signed my first client with only 75 followers! It really proves that what they teach you inside IBA is invaluable! ”

Finance Mentor

Truelany Guerra from

"In less than 1 month IBA helped me generate 1000 new followers. My engagement rate went from 1% to 3% and I received hundreds of DMs from people asking for my mentorship program.”

Business & Branding Mentor

Sarah Holmes from

"I've seen a big increase in client inquiries and applications since I started planning my content the way that IBA tells me to. I'm now getting a few applications per week!"

Overthinker's Coach

Jasmin Marsters from @jasminmarsters

"IBA helped me have more fun with my business and enjoy it. I now have more time than I now what to do with! I also signed 2 clients that added a 3K+ to my income that month."

Want to hear more about Jasmin's story?

Have a listen to Jasmin's podcast episode with Ginny & Laura! She takes you through the story behind how she started her business and how IBA has helped her grow an audience on Instagram and sign clients.

Life & Business Coach

Liza Leiss from @liza.leiss

"IBA helped me get clear in my messaging and my content strategy. I signed 5 more clients and I feel much more connected to my community!" 

Business Coach

Telina Too from @telina_too

"Last month alone my business was able to generate more than I would have earned 6 months in the classroom!"

Coach & Therapist

Teodora Pile from @teodorapile

Laura and Ginny are amazing, they deliver on their promise, deliver results and everything is packed in a concise and very practical manner."


Sarah King from @simplysking

"What I love most about IBA is that you're not just listening to the lessons and feel unprepared. There are real tools that you can download and use to take action immediately."

Life Coach

Lau Mahieu

"IBA helped me create a content strategy that was based on research and since then I already doubled my growth. Since then, creating content has never been easier!"

Social Media Marketer

Carol Sirob from @967social

"IBA really gives you the knowledge you didn't know you you needed. Honestly, it's one of the best investments I made in my business!"

Intuitive Eating Coach

Randi Cox from @randicoxcoaching

"I now have a clear strategy on how to run my business on Instagram. I know exactly how to speak to my ideal clients and use their language. I also gained so much confidence showing up on camera!"

English Teacher

Nika Garbarova from @englishbynika

"IBA helped me grow my account from scratch, find my niche, ideal client and content strategy. Also, I've been asked to speak at a conference, a dream came true!"

Social Media Marketer

Emma Appelgren

"I tripled by reach and doubled my growth since joining IBA and I signed my first 1:1 client just a few weeks after joining the programme."

Pinterest & Blogging Expert

Kaitlin Spring from @bykaitlingspringg

"I was almost fully booked out 2 months after joining IBA!Within the first 5 days of joining, I signed a $4,000 client, all that with less than 50 Instagram followers!"

Health Coach

Sarah Davidson from @sarahdavidsonjames

"IBA helped me grow, scale and launch an entire online business. I've actually been able to gain clients through social media, which is just mind-blowing!"

Holistic Sleep Coach

Laura Gainche from @scienceforallwomen

"My account was dead for a year and IBA helped revive it, actually give life to it! Even when I take a break, when I come back my loyal community responds and I'm easily fully booked!" 

ADHD Business Coach

Mandy Bauer from @heymandybauer 

“I have tried several different courses, but IBA is by far the best course I have ever purchased and it's a steal for the price! It has changed my entire business, and it’s about to change my life!”

Curious to hear Mandy's full story?

Mandy shares with us how she went from working a 9-5 and having about 7,000 followers to starting her own business on Instagram, growing over 35,000 followers and being fully booked months in advance!

Ready to finally build and scale your service business with the power of Instagram?