Our Foolproof Plug & Play Instagram Business

Build an irresistible offer that no one will say no to

Crack the code of content creation for instant quality followers & leads (in one day per month only)

Make sales on autopilot (wake up with new leads without lifting a finger)

Grow an audience & monetise it in 90 days… 

You realised that exchanging your time for some false sense of security was a total lie invented by society. 

So you decided to become a business owner, to truly help others, have a sense of accomplishment, and to make more income & get more freedom… 

But you encountered what all entrepreneurs face at some point:

Not enough exposure: you have no idea how to reach you’re ideal clients on Instagram

Not enough leads: you’re struggling to get leads & make sales

And suddenly the adrenaline kick you got from starting a business is running low because you faced reality: you don’t know much about building a business that generates money. You might have a side hustle, a hobby, but you don’t have a business. And you’re nearly ready to quit it all…

Is this you? Then keep on reading...

If you're here it's because...

In the past 2 years we went from...

As overnight and straightforward as it might seem, it wasn’t. We had to work (very) long hours, we invested $100,000 in our education, tried and tested various strategies and made MANY mistakes that cost us $200,000 (you’ve read that right…).

But we did it: we cracked the code of content creation & sales on Instagram. 
Whatever the platform, whatever the algorithm, the recession, we’ve always been able to get exposure, followers and most importantly: SALES.

Working our ass off for a 3% pay rise every year

Growing big audiences and being able to monetise them quickly

A 20-day holidays scheme

Still ending up being fired because of the recession

Building a million dollar business by selling our knowledge

                    we cracked the code of content creation & sales on Instagram.

KNOW what to do.

Once you crack the code too, you won’t have to worry about the algorithm, you won’t have to worry about Instagram, you won’t have to worry about losing your exposure: because you’ll KNOW what to do. You’ll be able to replicate this over and over again, with as many different accounts as you want, on any platform for any niche.
Your possibilities will be endless!

because you’ll KNOW what to do.

We did it faster than 90% of entrepreneurs and we’re now ready to give away our secret recipe to guaranteed success.

KNOW what to do.

It’s not hard, it’s not complicated

You don’t need a Business or Marketing Degree

You don’t need to be ‘in the right niche’

You don’t need to be a Social Psychology expert

You don’t need to spend hours and days to create one post

You could create enough posts for an entire month in one single day knowing they will bring you followers and leads!

You just need to understand this:

If you want to grow a thriving and sustainable business with Instagram fast while putting the least amount of efforts (aka - an automated business), you need 3 things:

An irresistible offer that no one will say no to

Content that will stand out & bring you followers and leads like magnets

A sales funnel that will make you sales on autopilot

(so you won’t have to do any outreach, you’ll get leads without lifting a finger)

And that's what we cover inside IBA:

Our Foolproof Plug & Play Instagram Business
Grow an audience & monetise it in 90 days… 

Build an irresistible offer that no one will say no to

Crack the code of content creation for instant quality followers & leads (in one day per month only)

Make sales on autopilot (wake up with new leads without lifting a finger)

Here's what you get:

Turn your knowledge into an irresistible offer that no one will say no to (no more “sorry, it’s too expensive”)

Niche formula for instant profitability

Market Research made easy: use our secret questionnaire to collect crucial information and sign clients on the spot

Easy Branding to stand out for $0

Content Spreadsheet to make content creation a piece of cake: come up with enough content ideas for an entire year in 1 hour with our simple formulas

Pick N Mix strategy to create 1 month of content in 1 day

Carousels, Reels and single post plug & play formulas to create content that will bring quality followers and leads

50+ Canva templates for eye catching content

15 min per day growth hack strategy to explode your Instagram growth (no engaging with ideal clients)

Instagram Story recipe for more views and to make sales on a weekly basis

Sales calls script for a 90% close rate

Sales funnel plug & play to make sales on autopilot (let people find you and wake up with new leads everyday without lifting a finger)

DM conversion script to turn freebie seekers into high paying clients 

Pricing strategy to double your income 

Instagram cheat code Strategy for more instant reach & views 

No more wasting time creating content that brings you no growth and no leads

No more spending hours scrolling on Instagram to get content ideas

No more stress & anxiety trying to figure out what’s the best way to make it work

... You'll know exactly what to do to get massive results faster than 90% of entrepreneurs!

Here's what's included in IBA

Lifetime access to iBA

IBA is a self-paced course designed to be completed in 12 weeks so that you can flood your Instagram account with raving fans and high paying clients

lifetime access to the private online community

Keep yourself accountable, network with fellow entrepreneurs and find the support that you need so you make sure you stay on track! 

the iba mastersheet

So you have a system to create and plan high converting content weeks in advance without the overwhelm!

THE instagram sales scripts bundle

So that you can convert prospects into paying clients with ease without being salesy or pushy!

50+ Canva templates

Get your content done in minutes with these ‘done for you’ attention grabbing designs 

course & module trackers

To keep you organised and hold you accountable!

content ideas vault & Hashtag vault

We included 90 content ideas for your Reels, carousels, single posts and even Instagram Stories! The hashtag vault for 29 different niches contains 65+ hashtags per niche.

Containing easy to implement tutorials on every tech software you want to use as add ons to your business growth such as Adobe Photoshop, Canva, Flodesk,...

Repurposing your content

Training & Live Demo so that you can explode your reach to other platforms & avoid wasting time creating brand new content. 

That’s not it, on top of this, we added some exclusive bonuses of a total value of

content vault to triple your exposure

become a tech expert with our easy tutorials

overcoming camera shyness

Ginny will show you how she overcame her fear with some strategic exercises so you can confidently show up on IG

YOUR 6-figure launch strategy

Wondering how we’re making 5 or even 6 figures per launch?! This special bonus reveals our entire launch strategy with you as well as the exact planner we use for every launch! We also share the exact financial planner we use to set goals and keep on track of our business accounts.

step-by-step strategy & content planner

financial planner










But as part of this exclusive program, you get them for FREE...


$ 14,000

your actual investment today...

Total Value of the Instant Business Academy

one time payment of


excl. VAT




excl. VAT


Apply the methods in 1 hour a day

Get your business up and running within 90 days

Join IBA and get instant access to our secret methods

You have a business, side hustle or business idea (whatever stage you’re at, this strategy will work)

You offer a service whatever that might be (coach, course creator or service provider such as photographer, hairdresser, beauty salon, psychologist, home designer, graphic designer etc.)

It will work for you whether:


You don’t need prior Marketing and Sales knowledge to make it work

You don’t need to feel confident in front of a camera (Ginny didn't)

You don’t need to be a coach, it will work whatever your niche might be


“I have tried several different courses, but IBA is by far the best course I have ever purchased and it's a steal for the price! It has changed my entire business, and it’s about to change my life!” 

Mandy Bauer (@heymandybauer)
- Helps ADHD women turn their ideas into businesses

I QUIT MY JOB and grew 40,000 followers thanks to IBA

“I always thought that having a big account on Instagram is what you needed before you can begin making sales. But that’s not true at all, I signed my first client with only 75 followers! It really proves that what they teach you inside IBA is invaluable! ”

Megan Collins (@megancollins.co)
- Jewellery business coach

I signed my first client with only 75 FOLLOWERS

"In less than one month IBA helped me generate 1000 new followers. My engagement rate went from 1% to 3% and I received hundreds of DMs from people asking for my mentorship program.”

Truelany Guerra (@the.money.tribe)
- Finance Mentor

I received HUNDREDS OF DMs asking for my mentorship program

“Before joining IBA, I was just throwing content out there without an actual strategy. IBA really set the foundations for market research and helped me connect to my ideal audience. ” 

Catie Daus (@catiedaus)
- Google Ads Coach

Within a week of finishing IBA, I SIGNED 3 NEW CLIENTS

Over 800 people like you have gone through our methods and grew their business, see for yourself...

Are you asking yourself the following questions?

i have a small following, will it work for me?

Of course! We have students who signed clients with as little as 75 followers and others who were able to make a full income with 200 followers.

We will show you how to grow an audience on Instagram but also how to sign clients quickly without having to reach a lot of people!

Can I pay in euros or pounds?

Of course!

When you enter your card details, you will simply pay in your own currency. No surprises here! No extra fees! Just the regular conversion from American Dollars (USD) to British Pounds (GBP) or Euros (EUR) (or any currency for that matter).

To give you an idea, $1,999 is about £1,596 and €1,875 while $330 is about £290 and €334 - but we advise you to check the current exchange rate on Google to have an exact numbers.

what if i don't have a niche / AN offer AND/OR A BUSINESS YET?

Not a problem! We are going to show you how to build an offer from scratch inside IBA ;)


We worked with over 50 entrepreneurs on a 1:1 level before creating IBA. It took us a lot of learning to build this program and we made sure you could actually implement the knowledge very easily!

Being a course creator is not an easy task, we constantly take feedback into account to improve our program and we know that within just a few weeks you could already have a completely different business ;)

You also are able to ask your questions to a private online community where we also have experts form the Elsynergy team answering your questions!

how much time do i need to invest?

We recommend going through 1 module per week which is about 1 hour of video lessons. You will then have to implement the knowledge which will vary from person to person.

Overall, we recommend dedicating a few hours a week on it. Within 3 months you should have gone through the Academy & implemented the knowledge!