IBA is an online Marketing Course to help you grow a business with Instagram 

Build a clear offer - Create content that attracts - Sign clients on autopilot

You're not sure if you have the right offer, ideal clients & niche

You're constantly overwhelmed, not sure where to start and waste a lot of time on Instagram

Your content flops, even though similar content works for others (you're not sure what you're doing wrong)

Your engagement is low, and your growth very slow

You're struggling to sign clients through Instagram

Don't worry we got you!

Here's what a lack of an Instagram Marketing
Strategy looks like...

No more guesswork!

Have a clear niche and offer that sells

Have a content strategy that will attract your ideal clients

Become a Marketing expert

Have an engaged audience full of ideal clients

Sign clients on autopilot

Instant Business Academy is an online Marketing course to help you grow a business with Instagram.
Using our secret BCC framework based on Marketing & Sales Strategies and already used by hundreds of entrepreneurs, you will finally:

Hit your target income

Having to engage with your ideal clients

All that without:

Spending hours on Instagram

Sending cold DMs

Learn our BCC framework

Grow your business with Instagram within 90 days

Choose your payment plan and get instant access to IBA

hey everyone, we're

Laura Haleydt + Ginny Fears

Two Marketing Strategists accumulating 15 years of experience

Ginny and Laura started creating content on Instagram in 2020, a few months after that they were both able to quit their jobs to become full time Marketing Coaches. They joined forces with Elsynergy and within less than a year grew a following of 50,000 people each and launched an online course that generated $450,000 in its first year.

They have now helped hundreds of people grow thriving businesses with Instagram, quit their 9-5 and generate more income while having to work less - all that through their BCC framework.

“I have tried several different courses, but IBA is by far the best course I have ever purchased and it's a steal for the price! It has changed my entire business, and it’s about to change my life!” 

Mandy Bauer (@heymandybauer)
- Helps ADHD women turn their ideas into businesses

I QUIT MY JOB and grew 40,000 followers thanks to IBA

“I always thought that having a big account on Instagram is what you needed before you can begin making sales. But that’s not true at all, I signed my first client with only 75 followers! It really proves that what they teach you inside IBA is invaluable! ”

Megan Collins (@megancollins.co)
- Jewellery business coach

I signed my first client with only 75 FOLLOWERS

"In less than one month IBA helped me generate 1000 new followers. My engagement rate went from 1% to 3% and I received hundreds of DMs from people asking for my mentorship program.”

Truelany Guerra (@the.money.tribe)
- Finance Mentor

I received HUNDREDS OF DMs asking for my mentorship program

“Before joining IBA, I was just throwing content out there without an actual strategy. IBA really set the foundations for market research and helped me connect to my ideal audience. ” 

Catie Daus (@catiedaus)
- Google Ads Coach

Within a week of finishing IBA, I SIGNED 3 NEW CLIENTS

But hey... it didn't just work for us! Over 800 people like you have achieved similar results, see by yourself ;)

See what our IBA students have achieved...

Here's what you get inside IBA

Lifetime access to iBA

IBA is a self-paced course designed to be completed in 12 weeks so that you can flood your Instagram account with raving fans and high paying clients

lifetime access to the private online community

Keep yourself accountable, network with fellow entrepreneurs and find the support that you need so you make sure you stay on track! 

the iba mastersheet

So you have a system to create and plan high converting content weeks in advance without the overwhelm!

THE instagram sales scripts bundle

So that you can convert prospects into paying clients with ease without being salesy or pushy!

50+ Canva templates

Get your content done in minutes with these ‘done for you’ attention grabbing designs 

course & module trackers

To keep you organised and hold you accountable!

We know that sometimes a course alone is not enough, so we want to reassure you: YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Our number 1 priority is your success.

We also create quarterly Challenges, through a private Instagram, to help you apply the knowledge in a fun way!

Get support from fellow students and the Elsynergy team & find accountability within the Private Online Community

See for yourself...

What we cover inside the

business foundations


By the time you have finished this module, you'll have complete clarity on your niche and your target market - you have to know who you are speaking to before you do anything!

• Lesson 1: Finding your profitable niche
• Lesson 2: Market research mastery
• Lesson 3: Pinpointing your ideal client
• Lesson 4: Using Facebook Groups for your market research
• Lesson 5: The ultimate elevator pitch
• Lesson 6: Setting up your Instagram profile for success



In this module you’ll create an offer that will attract and convert like crazy - trust us, getting this right will set you up for long term success.

• Lesson 1: Building your custom offer
• Lesson 2: Communicating your offer to your ideal clients
• Lesson 3: Pricing your offer


In this module you’ll learn the secrets of brand identity and how to stand out from your competitors - we never thought we’d be able to stand out as Instagram experts but here we are!

• Lesson 1: Holding up the mirror to your brand identity
• Lesson 2: Standing out from the crowd


attract & nurture

business foundations

attract & nurture


In one of the most important modules of the academy, you’ll take a deep dive into all things content and learn how to create and implement a strategy that attracts and converts your dream clients - our master spreadsheet will be your new best friend!

• Lesson 1: Decoding Instagram insights and analytics
• Lesson 2: Building a high performing content strategy with our Pick 'N Mix Method
• Lesson 3: Focus on your content schedule
• Lesson 4: Diving into your content pillars
• Lesson 5: What your content categories need to include 
• Lesson 6: Identifying your content purpose
• Lesson 7: Sorting out the different content formats
• Lesson 8: How to implement your content strategy with precision
• Lesson 9: Planning for the profitable road ahead
• Lesson 10: When to charge and when not to charge




In this module you’ll learn how to follow through your content strategy with amazing content that generates saves, shares, comments and heaps of new followers - get ready for some of the secret sauce that helped to blow up our accounts!

• Lesson 1: How to create binge-worthy carousels
• Lesson 2: How to create shareable single graphics
• Lesson 3: How to create viral reels
• Lesson 4: How to create immersive stories
• Lesson 5: Mastering the art of hashtags
• Lesson 6: Creating headspace with batch content creation


In this module you’ll learn what being social on social media is all about - not only will this help your growth but it actually makes Instagram way more enjoyable to spend time on!

• Introduction to Instagram's Algorithm
• Lesson 1: Building a meaningful community
• Lesson 2: Becoming a powerful networker
• Lesson 3: How to conjure up engagement
• Lesson 4: Game-changing growth hacks

MODULE 7 - going the extra mile with email marketing

In this module you’ll learn all about the power of an email list. We'll guide you through the steps to build your email list as well as what to do to nurture your audience!

• Lesson 1: Creating a list builder to grow your email list
• Lesson 2: Game changing tips to build your list quickly
• Lesson 3: How to nurture your audience through email marketing



attract & nurture



In this module, you’ll learn the Jedi mind tricks that will help you sell to your audience with ease - and the best part? You don’t have to feel awkward or sleazy when you do it!

• Introduction to sales
• Lesson 1: Your sales planning to convert with ease
• Lesson 2: Understanding hard sales
• Lesson 3: Soft sales techniques to maximize conversion
• Lesson 4: How to turn your stories into a sales checkout


In this module, we will share our secret methods to help you confidently show up as the authority we know you are!

• Lesson 1: Building authority
• Lesson 2: Confidence and mindset to sell
• Lesson 3: Using social proof to build up your authority


In this module you’ll learn how to put together a rocking sales page that will pretty much sell your offer by itself!

• Lesson 1: The sales page template


In this module you’ll learn how to skyrocket your lead to conversion rate - implementing this module won't be easy but the rewards are worth it!

• Lesson 1: How to convert in your DMs with ease
• Lesson 2: Reaching out to warm leads
• Lesson 3: Winning your sales calls
• Lesson 4: Objection handling like a pro


In this last module we will look at the steps to get your first (beta) clients as well as what you should do once you're fully booked!

• Lesson 1: Getting your first beta clients 
• Lesson 2: Exploding social proof with one simple trick 
• Lesson 3: Our tricks to help you sign more clients
• Lesson 4: What to do when you're fully booked

business foundations

Instant Business Academy

content ideas vault & Hashtag vault

We included 90 content ideas for your Reels, carousels, single posts and even Instagram Stories! The hashtag vault for 29 different niches contains 65+ hashtags per niche.

Containing easy to implement tutorials on every tech software you want to use as add ons to your business growth such as Adobe Photoshop, Canva, Flodesk,...

Repurposing your content

Training & Live Demo so that you can explode your reach to other platforms & avoid wasting time creating brand new content. 

*Exclusive offer only available on payments in full 

+ The IBA Bonus Pack*


TECH vault

overcoming camera shyness

Ginny will show you how she overcame her fear with some strategic exercises so you can confidently show up on IG

6-figure launch strategy

Wondering how we’re making 5 or even 6 figures per launch?! This special bonus reveals our entire launch strategy with you as well as the exact planner we use for every launch! We also share the exact financial planner we use to set goals and keep on track of our business accounts.

step-by-step strategy & content planner

financial planner


monthly group strategy calls with laura & ginny


On top of getting support through the Private Facebook Community, you get exclusive access to Group Strategy Calls! During these calls, you are able to ask all your questions to Laura & Ginny directly.











Practical information about these calls: 
  • 1 call per month at 12PM BST (UK time) 
  • Dates and times are not flexible
  • Replays of the calls are provided

Total Value

$ 16,288

$ 16,288

Over $16,000 worth of resources to grow your business on Instagram and never feel stuck because of a certain skill or tool!

Total Value

actual investment for


excl. VAT

+ 4 Bonus Packs


excl. VAT

No Bonuses included


12 monthly payments

pay in full

join the academy here!

join the academy here!

Are you asking yourself the following questions?

i have a small following, will it work for me?

Of course! We have students who signed clients with as little as 75 followers and others who were able to make a full income with 200 followers.

We will show you how to grow an audience on Instagram but also how to sign clients quickly without having to reach a lot of people!

Can I pay in euros or pounds?

Of course!

When you enter your card details, you will simply pay in your own currency. No surprises here! No extra fees! Just the regular conversion from American Dollars (USD) to British Pounds (GBP) or Euros (EUR) (or any currency for that matter).

To give you an idea, $1,999 is about £1,596 and €1,875 while $330 is about £290 and €334 - but we advise you to check the current exchange rate on Google to have an exact numbers.

what if i don't have a niche / AN offer AND/OR A BUSINESS YET?

Not a problem! We are going to show you how to build an offer from scratch inside IBA ;)


We worked with over 50 entrepreneurs on a 1:1 level before creating IBA. It took us a lot of learning to build this program and we made sure you could actually implement the knowledge very easily!

Being a course creator is not an easy task, we constantly take feedback into account to improve our program and we know that within just a few weeks you could already have a completely different business ;)

You also are able to ask your questions to a private online community where we also have experts form the Elsynergy team answering your questions!

how much time do i need to invest?

We recommend going through 1 module per week which is about 1 hour of video lessons. You will then have to implement the knowledge which will vary from person to person.

Overall, we recommend dedicating a few hours a week on it. Within 3 months you should have gone through the Academy & implemented the knowledge!